The MAXPLUG (heavy duty)

Weighing 15% more than the standard plug, the Maxplug is a superior plug for applications requiring a sturdier more substantial closure. The unique design has added wall thickness, horizontal rings and vertical reinforcement ridges for a tighter tube fit.

  • Heavy duty plug comparable with the highest quality plugs on the market, but superior price point.
  • Excellent point-of-sale packaging option with a clean,  crisp and reliable design.
  • FDA approved and recyclable. 
  • Weatherproof, resilient and highly chemical resistant. 
  •  Retail market industry users include fragrance, food, toy/game and specialty products companies. 
  • Wide range of colors including metallics available upon request (25K-100K minimum).
  •  Embossing and die-cutting including coin slots and a variety of hole sizes are available. 
  •  Bagging in polyethylene bags (50's and 100's) available. 

   The sizes available are as follows: